Square Wave Oscillator

This scheme applies amplifier OpAmp LM301 to awaken square wave that is simple. LM301 applies power allowance 3 V - 36 V, with highest frequency 325 kHzs. Oscillation frequency given in equation.where f is Hertz, R in Ohm, C in Farad. Active Pressure C1 have to be more a few 2/3 of power allowance tensions.

At C1 stands to throw away charge. Input inverting IC LM301 becomes zero volts whereas input non-inverting arrested at tension around 2/3 quantized tensions by R1, R2 and R3. C1 now loaded from output of LM301 through finite R4 of the tension exceeding tension at input non-inverting, that is when output of LM301 sways going down to zero volts. Input non-inverting LM301 has tension around 1/3 allowance tensions.

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