2-way active crossover

Name of this circuit is 2-way active crossover. in principle dissociates audio input entering at circuit, so that will yield audio output that is low pass filter and hight pass filter. By choosing capasitor value as first Lawson criterion, then calculates resistor values. At this practice this circuit can run excellently and this cicuit works for cut-off frequency FC = 3KHz. for visible component hereunder:
C1=47uF 100V MKT
TR2-3=47KOHMS trim. or pot.
R2-3-4-5-6=375ohms [ 33K+47K]
C2-3-4-5-6-7-12-13=1nf 100V MKT
IC1-2-3=NE5532 - TL072
C8-9-10-11-14-15=100nf 100V MKT
J1-2-3=2pin conn. 254mm pin step R8=N.C
C16=2.2uF 100V MKT
J4=3pin conn. 254mm pin step
C17=470nF 100V MKT
C18-19=47UF 25V
TR1=100KOHMS trim. or pot.

for result that is nicely applies film metal preventive reactor with tolerance 1% and capasitor applies type MKM.

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