Microphone Pre-Amplifier for Both Dynamic and Condenser Type Mics

This series is called Microphone Pre-Amplifier, the series consists of, condenser microphone and microphone dynamic (moving coil microphone) has different characteristics. For dynamic mics, biasing is not necessary at this time because of signal transducer generate electricity. In condenser mics, the bias is needed to compensate for the leakage in the microphone, and the pre-amplifier that was published in condenser mic discharge of electricity bills. Microphone pre-amp described here provide input terminal for the second type of microphone, and use only one transistor as the active component.

This series uses ration power +9 V. If you need only the dynamic mic input then you can omit R1, C1, and C2 components. Any small signal NPN transistor with high gain (hfe > 150) should be compatible to replace Q1, for examples: 2N3904, FCS9014, or C828.

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