Croos Over

this very mini Croos Over of scale, side is mini also able to divide flat tone, thus bass tone and treble. In this usage used LS woofer and tweeter. To get good result here is required separate governing of the condenser, best here is used scale 330 pF.
for component earns in seeing under this :

Item Quantity Reference Part
1 1 C1 5uF
2 2 C2,C3 33pF
3 3 Q1,Q2,Q3 BC109
4 1 R1 390K
5 1 R2 2K2
6 2 R3,R4 220K
7 1 R5 150K
8 3 R6,R8,R11 3K9
9 3 R7,R9,R10 100K

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