Dynamic Pre-Amp Stereo

This scheme applies LM387 as operation amplifier, but at this scheme only in presents ½ from LM387. To get Pre-Amp stereo hence all components ready to be duplicated only, except for component C1, C8, C10 and R7.

Input impedance in arranged by R1 with the price of 47K, for control amplifier impedance is required at least 100K. If the impedance enough low hence, C9 must be its price is increased to voice bass doesn't lose. Reinforcement in arranging 40 dB, comparison of maximum signal depends component padakuality applied, but by entering 10 mV, this would be better out of 80 dB. For component C1, C2, and C10 suggested to apply capasitor tantalum type. And resistor we suggest applies resistor with tolerance 1%.

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